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Learning about the Brooklyn Bridge through the Architectural Photographs of Philip Maier

by Peter Lowenkron on January 26, 2016

I discovered an artist by the name of Philip Maier who does wonderful photographs of iconic New York landmarks, some with historical and architectural information, printed on the poster.

Information includes the span and total length of the Brooklyn Bridge, width and average daily traffic accross the bridge, actually opening date, construction and height of the two towers, total weight of the bridge , information about the architect, etc. Many additional interesting facts regarding the amount of cable wire used and much more.

Fairfieldartgallery.com has this desireable poster and several more of Philip Maiers ground breaking decorative poster imagery, at prices that are very affordable. So now you can beautify your home or office and have a conversation piece right on your wall. The same goes for the terrific collection of pen and ink architectural drawings on parchment style backgrounds which are on the site, and are both beautiful and informative.

Check out more of the high end posters at our Architecture section.